Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyar Mein Today Written Update 24 September 2023 Story And Spoiler

Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyar Mein Today Episode Written Update 24 September 2023

ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein today episode written update

Hello friends, Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein serial starts with Jaswant. Yes friends, Jaswant Rai Bhosle goes to the place where Shantanu and Isha live and tells Shantanu that due to your not coming to the college, our college is very bad. He has suffered a loss and tells Shantanu why are you trying to tie up your old relationships by breaking your new relationships? You are leaving your son for the woman who left you 20 years ago. Saying this to Shantanu He says that you should divorce Isa but Shantanu refuses and says that I will not divorce Isa, she is my wife and I will support her till my death. Hearing this, Jaswant while leaving from there tells Shantanu that you Saying this, I will not talk to you before we come to each other only after signing the divorce papers.

He leaves from there. After this, Ashwini and Shikha, who were hiding in Isha's house, come out from there. She tells Isha and Shantanu that if both of them take care of themselves, we will leave. Saying this, she leaves from there. On the other hand, Savi tells her sister Harini. She is seen crying in the kitchen of the house and says I will have to take a hostel room at any cost, I cannot live here under the same roof with poor thinking Kiran, then Kiran comes there, and all the fear. Kiran goes after drinking water from the kitchen and goes back. The next day Savi goes to college where all the committee members are sitting, then Jaswant Rao Bhosle says Savi, you can't get a room in the hostel, then Savi says why can't you. Some time ago, you offered me a room and my name is at the top of the list, so why am I not getting a room? Sir, please tell me the reason. Hearing this, Shantanu also asks, why are you refusing to give a room to Savi? Hearing this, Jaswant Rao says that there are some things that cannot be told in front of everyone. Hearing this, Savi says, Sir, what is that thing which you cannot tell me in front of everyone?

Hearing this, the person says that we cannot take risks by giving you a room in our hostel because it is about your character. Savi gets excited hearing this and says you are saying this about my character. How can you say that who told you that my character is bad? Ask one of my relatives and they will tell you what kind of character I have. Hearing this, the person says that one of your relatives has told you that your intentions are bad. Then Savi says that my character is bad. Who told this to you, then Ishaan says, your brother-in-law,

Yes, your sister's husband, your brother-in-law Kiran has told us that your character is not good. Savi says just Ishan sir. Savi starts speaking in a loud voice.

Then Shantanu says, Savi, don't be nervous, I will talk, please go out. Savi says, Sir, sorry, I will not go out, if it is about me, then I will stay here and yes, if it is about my character, she says to Ishaan. That,

What else did Kiran brother-in-law tell you about me? Then Ishaan says that your brother-in-law told that how you roam around with boys after college and even try to take advantage of a lonely person. Hearing this, Ishaan felt happy. But she screams loudly and with this the serial ends. Friends, tomorrow you will get to see that after completing all the formalities of her form, Savi says to Jaswant Rao Bhosle Sir, I have completed all the formalities, please sign on it. Then Jaswant Rao says Ishaan would you like to say something about this then Ishaan was about to speak.

Then an IPS officer enters and says to Ishaan that before saying anything about Savi, you will have to talk to me, thank you.

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