Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 6 September 2023 Written Update Promo

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Serial story today 6 September 2023 

gum hai kisi ke pyar today written update 6 september 2023

The inspector asked Savi if she remembered the face and clothing of the person who attacked Isha. Ayush said he remembers and the inspector asked a constable to take down his details. Savi received a call from the hospital, informing her that Isha's condition was worsening and she needed to get there quickly. She informed the inspector and rushed to the hospital. When she saw Isha's condition, she broke down. She remembered Isha's encouragement and pleaded for her to open her eyes and witness her achievements. Savi felt the need to clear up the misunderstandings between her and Ishan and reconcile their differences. To her surprise, Isha's fingers moved.

Savi called for a doctor and told them that Isha had shown movement when Ishan was mentioned. The doctor advised her to call Ishan. Meanwhile, at the police station, the inspector asked Ishan if he had disclosed everything. Ishan confirmed that he had. A sub-inspector then informed the inspector that they had apprehended a man who had been asking about Isha.

Savi called Ishan and asked him to come to the hospital because Isha had responded to his name, and the doctor wanted him there. Ishan disconnected the call. Savi returned to Isha and noticed her condition worsening. The doctor rushed to get a defibrillator. Just as Ishan arrived, Savi pleaded with him to call Isha "aayi" (mother) so that she could wake up. She recounted her own traumatic experience of losing her parents and urged Ishan to save his mother. Ishan hesitated but eventually called her "Isha madam." Savi scolded him for his ego, and Ishan placed his hand on Isha's. The monitor stopped, and the doctor pronounced Isha dead.

Savi was devastated and shouted Isha's name in despair. But Isha miraculously opened her eyes again. Savi hugged Ishan and thanked him. The doctor explained that Isha's life was saved thanks to Ishan's touch. Isha thanked the divine power. Savi informed Isha that she thought they had lost her but Ishan's touch had brought her back to life. She embraced Ishan, and the doctor called it a miracle.

Isha regained consciousness, and Savi expressed her gratitude again. The doctor asked the nurse to inform Inspector Jadhav that Isha was awake. Surekha and Asmita entered the room and asked about Isha's condition. Savi explained that they had almost lost Isha, but Ishan's touch had brought her back to life. The doctor credited Ishan for saving Isha's life, which left Surekha fuming. Isha reached out her hand toward Ishan, but Surekha intervened and asked Isha how she was feeling. The doctor requested everyone to leave and let Isha give her statement. They all exited the room.

The inspector arrived and inquired about Isha's condition. Surekha confirmed that she was awake. The inspector shared some good news the two people who had attacked Isha had been caught but had not revealed the name of the person who had hired them. He received a call from a constable, who disclosed the name of the person. Mandar, on the phone, laughed and admitted to seeking revenge against Isha. The police arrested Mandar for the attack. The inspector then spoke with Savi and learned that Isha was awake. The doctor advised the inspector not to stress Isha too much. The inspector questioned Isha about the attackers, but she mentioned that their faces were covered. He explained that the attack was likely linked to the report Isha had prepared against the Bhosale Institute, and they suspected Ishan's involvement. However, Isha defended Ishan, saying he could never harm her. The inspector inquired about Isha's knowledge of Mandar from Latkar, and she confirmed she knew him. She recounted the story of a student who had run away from her wedding to escape Mandar's son, who was an alcoholic and womanizer. Mandar had attacked her house and tried to get her suspended from her job. Isha expressed disbelief that someone would go to such lengths over a trivial matter. The inspector pressed for the student's name, but Isha hesitated, not wanting to get Savi into trouble.

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