9 Awesome Vijay Name Tattoo Design Idea

Body arts are becoming the most common and popular trend among the youngster and lot of boys and girls are applying the different name tattoo design which gives them a glamorous and attractive appearance but it is not easy to find a perfect ink for your self so that to help you we have listed Vijay name tattoo design which is creative, elegant and stylish, you can also customize design by changing colors, font size and elements.

Vijay is a Sanskrit word that means victory or winner, In India, this name is very common and most of the boys have this name. we have mentioned below some body art designs related to this name. Follow us on social media for the latest Designs and updates.

1. Star With Vijay Name Tattoo

star with vijay name tattoo

In this art, there are three stars at the top which represent a whole family and how much this person is important for all family members.

2. Heartbeat With V Name Design

heartbeat with v name tattoo

This art is stylish, elegant, and perfect for both men and women who want to ink the same design tattoo on their hands.

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3. Flying Bird With Name Body Art

flying bird with Name body art

Flying birds on the top of Vijay look very creative and unique which signifies freedom, dream, and beautiful life with your partner, and family.

4. Vijay With Music Sign Ink

Vijay with music sign ink

Vijay’s name is written in cursive bold font and on the top there is a music sign which represents singing, dancing, and the importance of music in human life.

5. Modern Name Art Design For Hand

Vijay name tattoo design on hand

If you want to try a unique and different name tattoo design then this art will be perfect and you can ink this on your wrist, forearm, and neck.

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6. Vijay With Love Style Art

Vijay with love body art

The V name is written in cursive in black color and on the top, there is a heart with two arrows that represent love and the importance of life partner.

7. Eagle Tattoo Design With Vijay Name Style

eagle tattoo with Vijay name

Bird with bold black name look attractive and modern you can ink this art on your forearms and back.

8. Beautiful Feather Art with Name Design

Feather art with Name design

Beautiful feather art with V name looks elegant and stunning both boys and girls can ink this design on their chest, finger, hand, and back.

9. Heart Ink With Vijay Name

heart ink with V name

This art is unique and the latest, you can ink this name art on your neck, hand, wrist, finger, and back. you can also change the color of the heart to make it more beautiful.


What Is The Meaning Of Vijay?

Vijay is a Sanskrit word that means victory or winner. this name is very common and trendy in india and most of the boys have this name.

What Is The Price Of This Boady Art?

All the above designs are simple and they will cost you approx Rs.3500 in India.