5 Unusual Sofia Hayat Tattoos with Meaning

Sofia Hayat is a British Asian Actress, Singer, Dancer. She started her career as a bar dancer from there Sofia got the chance to host a British television show which was popular among Asians after that she worked in many movies, album songs. Sofia is also a Contestant of Big Boss 7 which comes in India’s top television reality show. Sofia is always on new controversy for her nude photos and also for her tattoos. Sofia Hayat tattoos are very controversial because she has inked so many different religious signs on her Arms, Wrist, and feet. In past, Someone has also filed a complaint against her for hurting religious sentiment and disrespecting religious symbols.

There is more than 10 body art inked on the actress Arms and wrist but we have listed below some of the most liked Sofia Hayat tattoos which famous among her fans. Sofia always shares her bold pictures on Instagram, Facebook and She has more than 1 million followers across different social media platforms.

1. Cross Body Art on The Left Arm

Cross tattoo on the left arm

You can see on the left arm of Hayat there is a big cross sign inked which represents that she has also belief and respect in her heart for Christianity. Recently she shared some pictures on Instagram that she has become a Nun.

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2. Spider Tattoo on Sofia Hayat Finger

Spider tattoo on sofia hayat finger

In this photo, you can see there is a small spider art inked on Hayat’s right-hand finger which is very small and you cant see clearly in this picture.

3. Religious Symbol on Left Hand Wrist

Religious symbol on left hand wrist

There are so many religious symbols and signs are inked on the actress’s arms one of them is on her left-hand wrist in black color.

4. Religious Sign on Sofia Right Wrist

Religious sign on sofia hayat right wrist

On the right-hand wrist of the actress, there is a big star tattoo that looks like a religious sign of Christianity or any other religion but is stylish and creative.

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5. Star Tattoo on Right Hand Forearm

star tattoo on right hand forearm

If you focus on Hayat’s left hand there are so many symbols, the religious sign is inked on a single hand. On her forearms, there is a big circle and inside it, a star is drawn which seems like a secret symbol of any group.


Where is Sofia Hayat From?

Her family is an Asian British family and Hayat’s birthplace is London united kingdom.

Does Sofia Has Inked Any Religious Tattoo on Her Body?

Yes, there are so many religious tattoos on her arms, waist, and shoulder.

Sofia Hayat is Married or Single?

She was married to Vlad St─ânescu now she is separated.