9 Perfect Sneha Name Tattoo Design Idea

Sneha is a Sanskrit word that means Love, Friendship. There are so many women who are searching on the internet for the Perfect Sneha name tattoo design but it is not easy to find a perfect body art design that perfectly matches your personality and gives you an attractive look.

We have listed below the Sneha Name style which is unique and stylish, you can also customize this tattoo design as per your choice. You can also follow us on Facebook for the latest body art designs.

1. Wing Tattoo With Sneha Name On Hand

Wing tattoo with Sneha name on hand

In this art, you can see there are two wings and between them, the name is written in cursive which represents big dreams and aim of the life.

2. Name Style In Cursive Black Font

Name style in cursive black font

If you want to ink a simple cursive font tattoo design on your wrist or forearms this art will be perfect for you.

Mahi Name Tattoo Design Images

3. Heart With Sneha Name Art

Heart with Sneha name art

Three hearts in pink color inked on the arms with name in black color looks very catchy and elegant, you can also change the color of the heart to make it more attractive.

4. Heartbeat Tattoo With Name On The Wrist

heartbeat tattoo with Name on wrist

Heartbeat with Sneha name art is simple and modern which represents the connection between hearts of the life partners.

5. Sneha Name With Flower Art

Sneha name with flower art

This body art will be perfect for girls who love flowers because in this art you can see there is a flower with a name which looks very beautiful.

6. Red Color Arrow With S Name Art

Red color arrow with S name art

In this art you can see Sneha’s name is written in cursive and below it is an arrow that looks very stylish and creative, you can also change the color of the arrow.

Nisha Name Style Images

7. Crown With Sneha Name Design

Crown with Sneha name design

Crown with name art is simple and unique, which signifies how much you are important to your family and friends just like a queen.

8. Butterfly Body Art With Name

butterfly body art with name

You can also try this butterfly tattoo with your name on your neck and chest which will give you an attractive look.

9. Flying Eagle With Sneha Style Tattoo

Flying eagle with Sneha Style tattoo

If you want to get tattooed on your back with your name, you can try this tattoo design on your back shoulder.


What Is The Meaning Of Sneha?

Sneha is a Sanskrit word that means Love, Friendship.

What Is The Cost To Ink A Simple Tattoo?

In India, it will cost you Rs.250 per inch for a simple design.