4 Secret Shruti Haasan Tattoo with Meanings

Shruti Haasan is an actor and singer, and daughter of Indian actor, director, filmmaker Kamal Haasan, she was born on 28 January 1986 in Chennai Tamil Nadu India. Shruti is an actor and singer she started her career when she was 14 years old and worked in the movie Hey Ram (2000) as a guest after that Shruti worked as a leading actor in a luck movie in 2009 and till now she has worked in more than 29 films in Bollywood and South Indian Movies. The actress is also the recipient of many awards like the Filmfare award, Cinemaa Award, and IIFA Awards. There are a lot of her fans who want to know about the Shruti Haasan Tattoo and its meanings but it is very difficult to find correct information because there is no proper information about her tattoos on the Internet.

Shruti Haasan has five tattoos on her body one on her ears, the second one on her wrist, the third one on the shoulder, the fourth one on the leg, and the fifth one on the lower waist.

1. Shruti Haasan Name on Left Shoulder

Shruti Haasan name tattoo on left shoulder

On the left shoulder of Haasan, you can see a big shruti name is written in Tamil which means how much she loves herself and how much she is satisfied with her life what she has. this art also looks very stylish and beautiful on her.

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2. Rose Tattoo on Right Hand Wrist

big Rose tattoo on right hand wrist

Red rose is the favorite flower of Shruti so she put a rose tattoo on her right-hand wrist which looks like some drawn Zick zack line in a circle but unfortunately, it is a flower and she loves this art.

3. Riss Art on Haasan Left Feet

Riss art on haasan left feet

The actress has more than five tattoos on her body one is also on her left feet If you focus on it there is written in cursive RISS. Shruti has not shared any information about this art and what is its meaning.

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4. Music Sign Art on Left Ear

Music sign art on left ear

Everybody knows that she loves music and she is also a singer to show how much Haasan loves music she got an inked music sign below her left ears which represents her passion and dedication for music.


How Many Tattoo Shruti Haasan Have?

There are five tattoos on her body parts like waist, shoulder, wrist, ear, and feet but pictures of waist tattoo not available on the internert.

What is the Meaning of Tattoo Behind Haasan Ear?

Behind her left ear, you can see a small music sign which represents her passion, love for music, and singing.

What does Shruti Haasan Tattoo Means?

All five tattoos of her represent her passion, interest, hobby, and how she loves herself.