12+ Best Sagar Name Tattoo Design Idea

Sagar is a very common name in India which means ocean or the deepest part of the ocean. There are so many people who are searching on the internet for Sagar name tattoo designs but they are not able to find a perfect tattoo that gives them a glamorous and attractive look because on the internet all ink images which are available are very common. To help you we have designed some of the best body art for you which are modern and lovely.

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1. Ocean Wave Tattoo With Sagar Name Inked On Wrist

Ocean wave Tattoo with sagar name inked on wrist

This art represents the Sagar meaning which means ocean and you can see at the top of the name there are some ocean waves.

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2. S Name With Speedo Meter Body Art

S name with Speedo Meter Body art

In this body art you can see there is a speedometer with S name style which signifies the power and speed of the ocean which can destroy anything in a second.

3. Name Inked With Leaf Art On Forearms

Name inked with leaf art on forearms

Leaf with name inked on forearms looks decent and lovely. you can also ink this tattoo on your chest and shoulder.

4. Sagar Name Style In Punjabi Inked On Wrist

Sagar name style in punjabi inked on wrist

Name in Punjabi is the very popular font in India which is modern and stylish and this art will best for a bodybuilder because it will perfectly match with their personality.

5. S Name Armband Tattoo For Forearms

S name armband for forearms

Who wants to ink an armband with a custom name you can try this design, you can change the name with your partner’s name.

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6. Flying Eagle With Sager Name Ink

flying eagle with Sager name tattoo

This eagle tattoo with Sagar’s name is so creative and catchy which represents Self-confidence, courage, and fight against the enemy to survive.

7. Anchor Inked With Name On The Wrist

Anchor inked with name on wrist

Anchor above the Sargar name style signifies the deepness of the ocean and how much power the sea has which is a lifeline for billions of people in the world.

8. Sagar Name Inked With Ocean Sign On The Right Hand

Sagar name inked with ocean sign on hand

You can above Sagar name there is an ocean three-wave inked on the arm which represents the meaning of this name

9. Feather With Custom Name Inked On Wrist

Feather with custom name inked on wrist

Feather tattoo with S name look very beautiful and stunning both boys and girl can ink this art on their chest, wrist, hand, and shoulder.

10. Sagar Name Style Tattoo On Forearm

Sagar name style tattoo on forearm

Belive is written a the top of Sagar which means that believe in your self then you can achieve anything in this world.

11. Leaves Body Art With S Name Inked On The Right-Hand Wrist

Leaves body art with S name

This Leave body art is stylish and pretty, you can also customize this design by adding fonts and colors.

12. Cursive Font Name Art On The Wrist

Cursive Font Name art on the wrist

If you want to ink a simple and clear-looking art ten this S name tattoo will be best for you can ink this on any part of your body.


What Is The Meaning Of Sagar?

Sagar means ocean or the deepest part of the ocean or sea. this is the very common name in India also used as a surname.