8 Stylish Ruby Name Tattoo Design Idea

Ruby is a gemstone which is a Latin word that means Red Color. this Latin word is very popular in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh, where you will find lots of females whose names are Ruby. A lot of girls and women are searching on the internet for the best tattoo design but is very hard to find a perfect ink design for yourself so that to help you we have listed below Ruby Name tattoo design for you.

This All Ruby Name style is beautiful, attractive, and marvelous, you can ink this tattoo design on your hand, wrist, chest, and neck with the color of your choice.

1. Ruby Name With Heart Tattoo On The Wrist

Ruby name with heart tattoo on the wrist

On the right-hand wrist, you can see the name is written in cursive black font with red color heart below it looks very cute.

2. Crown Tattoo Design With Ruby Name

 Crown tattoo Design With Ruby Name

This is a crown tattoo design on the forearm with an R name, you can also customize the design as per your choice.

Aditya Name Tattoo Design Images

3. Heartbeat Art With Ruby Name Style

Heartbeat art with Ruby name style

Heartbeat with Ruby’s name represents the love, bonding, and trust between husband and wife.

4. R Name With Three Heart In Red Color

R name with three heart in red color

Ruby name is written in black color and below it is three heart which looks so elegant and beautiful.

5. Butterfly With Name Tattoo Design

Butterfly with Name tattoo design

This tattoo design is unique and beautiful, you can also change the color of the butterfly to make it more beautiful.

6. Flower Art With R Name Style

Flower art with R name style

Flower with Name body art is very simple and stylish, girls can ink this art on their neck, fingers, and shoulder.

7. Love Sign With Ruby Name In Red Color

Love Sign with Ruby name in red color

Love sign in red color with Ruby name design is attractive and elegant, both men and women can ink this tattoo design.

Riya Name Style Tattoo Images

8. Star With Name Body Art Design

Star with Name body art design

If you want to ink a star body art with the name you can also try this art on your wrist and forearm.


What Is The Meaning Ruby?

Ruby is a gemstone which is a Latin word that means Red Color.

What Is The Price Of This Tattoo Design?

It will cost you Rs.2000-5500 for small body art.