9 Best Raj Name Tattoo Design Idea

Raj is a Hindi word that means king or leader, there a lot of people searching on the internet for the best Raj name tattoo design but on the internet, only a few designs are available which is very common and old fashion. we have listed below some of the latest tattoo designs which are modern, creative, and catchy.

All this Raj name body art will be perfect for both boys and girls which can be inked on the wrist, finger, neck, and hand very easily. you can also follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

1. Raj Name With Love Inked On The Arm

Raj name with love inked on the arm

In this art you can Raj’s name is written in cursive and below it, there is a love sign in green that is attractive which represents respect and the importance of another person in your heart.

2. Name Body Art In Cursive Font

Name body art in cursive font

you see R’s name is written in a very beautiful font, you can ink this art on your shoulder, ears, and wrist.

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3. Heart with R Name Tattoo On The Forearm

Heart with R name tattoo on the forearm

This body art is very creatively designed and connect with a heartbeat that looks so beautiful and catchy which represent the importance of this name and respect n h people heart.

4. Raj Inked With Heartbeat On The Hand

Raj inked with heartbeat on the hand

If you want to ink Raj’s name in bold black color with bold letters then this tattoo design is for you.

5. Crown Inked With R Name In Black Color

Crown inked with R name in black color

This body art is very unique and perfect for both men and women which they can ink on their palm, finger, neck, and forearm. this art represents the meaning of Raj (King).

6. Star With Name Body Art

star with name body art

A Star tattoo with a custom name signifies the hard work, struggle, and pain to become successful in life and shine like a star.

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7. Raj Name With Small Heart In Black Color

Raj name with small heart in black color

The Raj name tattoo with a small heart and circle is simple and stunning and also look very creative.

8. Small R Name Tattoo On The Finger

Small R Name tattooed on the finger

On the finger, there is small Raj inked in black color that looks minimalistic.

9. Raj Tattoo Inked On The Finger

Raj tattoo inked on the finger


What Is The Meaning Of Raj?

Raj is a Hindi word that means king or leader, this name is very popular in India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

What Is The Price Of These Tattoos?

This body art may cost you approx Rs.4000 in India.