8 Stylish Pavitra Punia Tattoo with Its Meaning

Neha Singh know as Pavitra Punia on Stage, Pavitra is an actor, model, and dancer born on 22 April 1987 in Bagpat Uttar Pradesh India. she got fame from Balveer in which she is doing a role of Nagin and Punia is also a contestant of Big Boss 14. Punia started her career with the MTV reality show Splitsvilla 3 in this show she was one of the finalists after this she worked in some movies and Television shows but she got popularity from Balveer which is a TV Show. Now the actress got more fame from Big Boss and she has millions of followers on her Instagram account. Pavitra Punia Tattoos are also very popular because she has a lot of tattoos inked on her single and so many people notice her body art and search about it on the internet.

There are more than 10 tattoos inked on Pavitra Punia’s body some of them we have listed below with their name and meaning, some pictures are not clear you can check out her social media accounts for her photos.

1. Butterfly Tattoo On Her Right Shoulder

Butterfly tattoo on right shoulder

You can see a small butterfly art that is inked on her shoulder that looks very unique and fabulous on her. this Pavitra Punia tattoo represents that freedom makes your life more beautiful if you are free to do anything you want in your life.

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2. Globe With Wings Inked On Wrist

Globe with wings inked on wrist

In this picture you can see on her right wrist there is a small globe with wings which represent that she loves to travel and her dream is to travel the whole world.

3. 7 Chakra Tattoo On Spine Pavitra Punia

7 Chakra tattoo on spine pavitra punia

On this spine of the actress, there are seven different art which calls 7 chakra that is an ancient tribal tattoo that looks very hot on her back and gives her a stunning look.

4. Inked On Punia Right Feet

inked on Punia right Feet

Tattoo on the right feet of Pavitra you see on the picture she is wearing high heels standel with black pant flaunting her body art.

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5. Red Rose Art Inked On Finger

Red rose art inked on finger

A red rose art inked on the actress’s finger is so beautiful and stylish. The actress shares this picture on her Instagram account with a hastag. It is said to be that this red rose art is for Pavitra’s boyfriend.

6. Eye Tattoo On The Right Wrist Of Punia

Eye tattoo on the right wrist of punia

On the hand of Punia, you can see an eye inked on her right wrist which seems like a symbol or any sign of god.

7. Peacock Feather Tattoo On Arms

Peacock feather tattoo on arms

Peacock’s big feather is inked on the actress’s left-hand arm which gives her an attractive look. this art represents evergreen beauty because when the peacock becomes old but it looks beautiful as always.

8. Feather tattoo on hand

Feather tattoo on pavitra punia back hand

There is also a very small feather inked on her hand below her thumb which is simple and stylish looking.


How many tattoos does Pavitra Punia have?

There are more than 8 tattoos inked on her body, in her left hand there are 3 art inked, a globe on her wrist, a butterfly on the shoulder, and 7 chakras on her back.

Is Pavitra Punia Married?


What Is The Birth Day Of Punia?

She was born on 22 April 1987 in Bagpat Uttar Pradesh India.