How To Make Mehndi Or Henna Dark

Mehndi designs are one of the most favorite body art of women, and they love to apply henna on their hands and legs, but it is very disappointing when color does not properly stain on the skin and body art design look dull and unattractive because dark mehndi loos beautiful and catchy. In this post am going to share some tips that will make henna dark. you can also follow us on twitter for latest updates.

dark henna powder

1. Apply Oil First: Take a little bit of any cooking oil, then apply it on the skin where you want to apply henna body art and rub it on the skin in a circular motion, you can also add some cloves in the warm oil, and when oil temperature became normal you can apply on the skin this will make a henna little bit more dark.

2. Add Black Color: You can add some food color or any other artificial color in the paste of mehndi, which will give you a darker result. This additional step you can skip if you want to keep it natural.

3. Wait For Hours: After applying mehndi on the skin, let it dry naturally. It will take 4 to 6 hours approximately. You can also leave to dry overnight for better results.

4. Remove Mehndi From Hand: When henna became dry, you can remove it with your finger or wet cloth. Do not apply pressure on the skin. It will remove henna stain from your skin.

Best Henna Mehndi Designs

5. Clove Steam: Take 6-7 cloves and boil it in water, and when steam starts coming out of the pan, turn off the stove and give steam to the skin where you inked mehndi. This clove steam will make henna dark.

6. Lemon And Sugar Syrup: Take two spoons of sugar, one lemon juice, add a little bit of water, and mix it to make a syrup and then with a cotton ball, apply this syrup on the skin when the mehndi is dried and you remove it from the skin.

When this syrup is dried, you can wash your hand with cold water, but don’t rub the skin. It will remove the stain of henna from the skin.

8. Apply Moisturizer Or Oil: After washing off the syrup, take some oil or moisturizer and gently rub it on the skin. This will give your henna design a radiant look and help the stain stay long on the skin.

7. Dont Wash Your Hand: Before applying mehndi, you can wash your hand with soap, but you can not wash your hand with soap or warm water for 24 hours after applying mehndi. You can wash that part of your hand where you have not inked henna design.

Some Tips

  • Use cold ater to wash your hand.
  • Do not use to much hot steam which can burn your skin.
  • Stay away from water until your mehndi is dried.
  • Apply oil daily on the skin.


How To Make Henna Paste Darker?

You can add some colours likes red or black colour to make henna paste more darker.

How To Make Henna Darker Without Lemon?

You can take cloves of steam to make henna darker, or you can apply oil to the skin. You can also use artificial henna in which additional colour is mixed to make a darker stain on the skin.

How To Make Red Mehndi At Home?

You can use red food colour in the mehndi paste to make it red, and this is the easiest way to make red mehndi.