6 Best Little Singham Tattoo Images

Little Singham is an animated series of Singham movies for kids which is produced by Rohit Shetty who is the director of Singham Movie. In the series, there is a little Bajirao Singham who fights against criminals, dragons, thieves and helps people of the city which is written by Sonam Shekhawat, Nidhi Anand, Angelene Kaur, and Yash Thakur, and more than 156 episode and 5 telefilms aired on television and Discovery kids.

The character of this little Singham tattoo with a lion is very popular among kids and also some youngsters. We have listed below some of the lion tattoos of little Singham which are so attractive and creative looking you can easily draw this on your drawing copy or you can also apply it to your body.

1. Lion with a Crown on Head Tattoo

In this picture, you can see the big head of a lion with long hair and a crown that seems to be a lion’s king. you can easily draw this art on your arms and wrist.

lion with crown on head tattoo

2. Roaring Lion tattoo with Long Hair

A roaring lion with big teeth and long hair looks very simple and modern both boys and girls can apply this art on their wrist, shoulder, and neck.

roaring lion tattoo

3. Little Singham tattoo

This angry lion art is very easy and creative looking you can also add some elements to customize this art.

Little Singham lion tattoo

4. Big hair Cute Lion

Long hair with small face lion looks very cute and beautiful because of its long hair with a small face.

big hair lion art

5. Creative Angry Lion Body Art

The design of this body art is so creative and stylish, you can try this art on your arms, wrist, back, and neck.

angry lion body art

6. Straight Big Lion Art

you can easily draw this lion art with pencel and black color on your notebook and you can also ink this art on your body.

Straight lion art