8 Perfect Kajal Name Tattoo Design Idea

Kajal name is a Hindi word that means Eyeliner in English, this name is a very popular and common name among the girls in the Indian subcontinent. In this post, we will share with you some beautiful and creative Kajal name design which is unique and simple, you can easily ink this name tattoo on any part of the body.

You can also customize this design as per your choice by adding elements, color, and a different font to make it more attractive and stunning.

1. Kajal Name With Flower Tattoo

Kajal name with flower tattoo

Flower art with name ink is simple and beautiful looking, girls can ink this art on their neck, wrist, and shoulder in different colors.

2. Heart Art With Kajal Style

heart art with Kajal style

If you want to ink a tattoo for your boyfriend or girlfriend then you can try this design which will perfectly match your personality.

3. Arrow With Name Body Art Design

Arrow with Name body art design

Arrow with kajal name looks creative and catchy, you can also change the color of the arrow to make it more attractive and stunning.

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4. Kaja With Beautiful Butterfly Art

Kaja with beautiful Butterfly art

This butterfly tattoo with the name looks beautiful which represents inner beauty, peace, and humanity because the butterfly never harms anyone it always makes everyone smile when you see it.

5. Flying Bird With Name Tattoo

flying bird with name tattoo

This bird tattoo with kajal body art is different from regular tattoo design, this is unique, modern and you can ink this art on your forearms and chest.

6. Star Tattoo With Kajal Name Style

star tattoo with kajal name style

Kajal is written in a cursive font and on the top, there are so many stars that represent success, hard work, and popularity.

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7. Kajal Name In Cursive With Red Heart

Kajal name in cursive with red heart

You can see this tattoo design there is a name and below it, there is a small heart that is beautiful and cute looking.

8. Cone Design With Kajal

Cone design with Kajal

If you like cone design then this tattoo design is for you. this art can be ink as mehndi and tattoo which will give you a stunning and charming appearance.


What Is The Meaning Of Kajal?

Kajal name is a Hindi word that means Eyeliner in English

What Is The Price Of The Tattoo?

This tattoo will cost you up to Rs.500 per Inche fr a simple design.