Jagua Tattoo Design Images With History

Jagua is a South American fruit which is used as medicine and natural body ink from ancient times, primarily by the South American tribes. This fruit is also known with a different name in the other parts of the word.

Henna Mehndi comes from Asia and the Middle East, but the Jagua tattoo comes from South America, now widely used in Europe. Jagua is the same as henna, and both are used as natural body ink. Still, its color is different when applied to the body like a pest and when it dry, it stains on the skin in dark blue or black color.

This fruit ink has become very popular and common, mostly in western countries, and so many people are applying this natural ink instead of a permanent tattoo. In this post, we have listed below some Jagua tattoo designs that are impressive and excellent looking which you can easily ink on your body very easily. you can also follow us on Twitter for latest updates

1. Jagua Tattoo For Back Side Of The Hand

Jagua tattoo for back side of the hand

In this body art, you can see so many different elements like flowers, leaves, and dots are used to design this art which looks very beautiful and attractive, you can ink this tattoo on the backside of the hand.

2. Tattoo Design For Hand In Black Color

Jagua tattoo design for hand

This tattoo is simple and perfect for girls hands in this art you can see there is a big flower in the center which is unique and catchy.

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3. Small Tattoo Design For Backside Of The Palm

Small Jagua Tattoo design for backside of palm

If you want to ink a small flower design then you can try this art on your hand which is very easy to apply on the hand.

4. Creative Tattoo Style For Left Hand

Creative tattoo style for left hand

If you want to ink a unique and creative looking tattoo on your body that is different from other designs then you can try this art on your hand.

5. Beautiful Flower Tattoo Design For Girls

beautiful flower tattoo design for girls

Girls can try this jagua design on their arms which will give them an attractive and charming appearance.

6. Bird Tattoo On The Right Shoulder

Bird tattoo on the shoulder

You can also try this bird tattoo design on your body which represents love and importance for nature.

7. Jagua Body Art For Palm

Jagua body art for palm

This body art is perfect for a girl’s palm, but it will take time to ink this design because so many minimal elements are used to design this tattoo.

8. Unique Black Flower Design On Hand

Unique Black Flower mehndi on hand


How To Apply A Jagua Tattoo On The Body?

It is as easy as henna, and you just have to make a paste of this fruit by grinding it and then apply it to the skin. After a few hours, this paste will be dry, and you can remove it with your finger and get a dark blue color inked on your body.

Is Jagua Tattoo Halal?

Yes, it is halal because it is a natural color used in different ink designs on the body to look attractive, just like mehndi.

How Much Time Does Jagua Ink Take To Dry?

It will take approx 2 to 3 hours to dry, just like mehndi.

How To Remove Jagua Ink From Skin?

You can remove it by washing it with soap, or you can use vinegar. First, take cotton, put vinegar on it, and then gently rub it on your inked hand. After a few minutes, you will see the ink is removing.