How To Make Mehndi Or Henna Paste At Home

Many women love to apply henna on their hands and feet, but they don’t know how to make mehndi paste at home, and they think that it is very complicated to make henna paste. This post will teach you how to make mehndi paste at home very easily, giving you the perfect look and color.

mehndi or henna paste in bowl

1. Henna Powder 200g: Take high-quality natural henna powder 200 grams and put it in a bowl, then sieve the henna two or three times. Do not use low quality or any artificial mehndi, and this may harm your skin.

  • You can use a glass bowl to make mehndi paste because henna cannot stain glass.
  • Use stainless steel spatula or plastic spoon to mix it. If you use a rubber or wooden spatula to mix henna, it makes stain the spatula.

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2. Add Sugar And Lemon: Take two teaspoons of sugar and mix it with henna. This will make mehndi thick and sticky and add lemon juice to make the desired paste, then mix it properly. You can also use water or clove and sugar mixture instead of lemon.

  • You can also grind sugar before adding it to henna.
  • You can also use cloves and sugar mixture to make the paste, and it will also help create a darker stain on the skin.
  • Strain the lemon juice before adding it to the henna.

3. Add Cooking Oil: You can use any cooking oil to add to this paste, but olive oil or essential oil will be best, add one 50ml of oil in the paste and mix it properly. It is a necessary step if you want to get a nice and dark color.

  • Add 4-6 cloves in hot olive oil. When oil becomes normal, strain it and then mix it in the henna paste, which will give you dark color.

4. Cover the bowl: Now cover the bowl with plastic or anything else and leave it for a minimum of 16 hours and after 16 hours, check the mehndi paste. To check it put a little bit of paste on the palm, leave it for 5 minutes, and then remove it if it has to make a stain on your skin in orange color. Now your paste s ready to use.

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  • If the paste is thick, you can add water or lemon juice to achieve the desired consistency because if this paste is so thick, it will not come out from the cone.
  • Make a plastic cone and fill it with this mehndi paste. Know you are ready to apply this henna to your hand and feet.

Some Tips

  1. Use natural henna to apply on the skin because it has so many benefits.
  2. Do not use low-quality mehndi powder to make a paste.
  3. Use a Disposable Plastic spoon to mix it.


How To Make Red Henna Paste For Hand?

You can use red henna powder to make a paste or add red color to the mehndi.

How To Make Henna Paste Darker For Hair?

You can follow the above stips to make henna paste dark for hair. Just skip the oil step, or you can use this paste for hair. This will also give you dark color.

How To Make Henna Paste Without Essential Oil?

Instead of adding essential oil in mehndi, you can use cooking oil or olive oil in the mehndi, and you can also use mehndi without oil.

How To Make Natural Henna Paste For Dark Stain?

You can follow the above step to make a natural dark henna paste at home very quickly.