How To Apply Henna On Foot For Beginners

It is really challenging to apply henna on foot, but in this post, we will share with you some tips that will help you apply henna on your oot very easily and fast just you have to follow the steps mention below. you can also follow us on Facebook for latest updates.

henna design on the feet

1. First Wash Foot: To start to apply henna on foot, first you have to wash your foot with soap properly. You can also use some warm water to clean your foot. This will make your skin soft.

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2. Draw Design On The Footh With Pen: Whatever design you want to ink on your foot. First, you have to draw it with a pin. This step will make it easy and fast to apply henna.

3. Apply Oil: Take a little bit of any cooking oil, then apply it on the foot where you want to apply henna body art and rub it on the skin in a circular motion, you can also add some cloves in the warm oil, and when oil temperature became normal you can apply on the skin this will make a henna little bit more dark.

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4. Now Apply Henna: Take a henna cone to try to apply it to the design you have made with pen or marker, just you have to apply henna on the top of the pen ink and you are done.

Some Tips

  • Use a henna cone to apply mehndi on foot.
  • Use a marker or pen to draw a design on the skin.
  • You can use the same mehndi paste for the foot.
  • Apply oil after removing the henna paste from the skin.
  • Don’t rub the foot after removing henna paste.


Benefits Of Applying Henna On Feet?

There are somany beniits of applyhenna on feet first, it will give you attractive look and I also make your mind relaxed.

Benefits Of Applying Henna On Nails?

Henna is natural dye, which gives your nails red shine colour with no side effects.

Can I Apply Henna On Your Feet In Islam?

Yes, women can apply henna on there feet and hands.