3 Attractive Esha Gupta Tattoo with Meaning

Esha Gupta is an Indian Actress and model work in the Bollywood film industry, she has also won the Miss India contest in 2007. Esha was born in New Delhi India on 28 November 1985, she has spent most of her childhood in different cities because her father was in Indian Air Force. In 2007 Gupta participated in Femina Miss India Contest and won it after that she got an offer to work in the movie of Emran Hashmi Jannat 2 in 2012 from this movie she started her career as an actress and till now she has worked in more than 7 movies. Esha Gupta’s first movie was Jannat 2 which was very successful and from this movie, she got a lot of fame and became India’s top actress. The actress is also very popular for her bold look which keeps always trending on Social Media but Esha Gupta’s tattoos are very trendy and liked by her fans and recently she has also shared a photo on her Instagram account flaunting her tattoo.

In this post, we have revealed all tattoos of Esha Gupta and their meanings because a lot of her followers have so many questions on their minds regarding her body art and its meaning.

1. Star Tattoo on The Wrist of the Left Hand of Esha

Star tattoo on the wrist of left hand

On the left hand of the actress, you can see a big star and inside it, AR is written which means Arun and Rekha that are her parent names. To show her love and respect to her parent she inked this art on her wrist.

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2. Game Character Tattoo on Esha Gupta Back Shoulder

Game character tattoo on esha gupta back shoulder

A small Game character on the back right shoulder of Esha, which is a small baby trident in hand with horns on the head in red color which really looks so creative and catchy.

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3. Wing Tattoo on The Left Ribs

Wing tattoo on the ribs

This topless picture of Esha flaunting her wing tattoo become viral on social media. This art looks very beautiful with two wings and something written in English.


How Many Tattoos Inked on Esha Gupta Body?

The actress has approx 4 art inked on her body, it is not confirmed but recently she had removed some of them.

What Is The Meaning of Esha Gupta Tattoo?

On the left hand of the Esha, you can see a big star and inside it, AR is written which means Arun and Rekha that are her parent names which represent love, respect, and importance of parents.