5 Best Virat Kohli Tattoo & Their Meanings

Virat Kholi is an Indian Cricketer born on 5 November in New Delhi India, he is also captain of the Indian cricket team since 2017. Virat also knows for his performance in cricket matches, Style, and his tattoo. In this post, we are going to tell you about the 5 best Virat Kohli tattoo and their meanings.

1. Virat Kohli Scorpio Tattoo on Bicep

You can see on the right bicep of Kholi there is a Scorpio tattoo written in black color in cursive which represents the zodiac sign and luck. there so many fans of Kholi who are also applying this tattoo on their biceps.

Virat Kohli Scorpio tattoo on bicep

2. Trible Tattoo on Right Forearms

On the right forearms of Kohli, there is a medium-size Trible tattoo that signifies the honesty, Unity, and leadership of the tribe. this Virat Kohli Trible tattoo is now very popular and you find this on his fan’s arms.

Trible Tattoo on right forearms

3. Kohli Tattoo on Left Arms

There is so much art inked on Kohli’s body with different meanings if you focus on his left arms you can see a big tattoo from wrist to biceps which represents loves for his father and mother with their names Prem and Saroj and some other religious elements.

Virat Kohli Tattoo on left Arms

4. Japanese Samurai Tattoo on Left Arms

This Japanese samurai tattoo is one of the favorite tattoos of Virat which represents respect to teachers and elders, fight against the enemy until death, loyalty to his army, and discipline. this art also signifies hard work and consistent working for the goal.

Japanese Samurai tattoo on left arms

5. Virat Kohli God Eye Tattoo on Left Shoulder

Kholi calls this god eye which means everything that we are doing in the world right or wrong all are watched by god no matters in which part of the world you are and someone is watching you so that always we honest and loyal with your family and your goal which you want to achieve.

Virat Kohli god eye tattoo on left shoulder

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Who is the Tattoo Artist of Virat Kohli?

The tattoo Artist’s Name is Allan Gois and the studio name is Aliens Tattoo Bandra.

What is the Price of Virat Tattoo In India?

The price of the Kholi tattoo is above Rs.200000