21 Excellent Om Tattoo Design Ideas For Men & Women

In India, Om tattoo designs are very popular these days because a lot of celebrity are applying this tattoo on their arms, wrist, and back which is motivating their fans to get tattooed but there are a lot of people who are searching for an excellent tattoo which match with there personality. it is very difficult to find a perfect om tattoo for your arms, wrist, and back but don’t worry we have listed below some of the best tattoos for you which are excellent looking and will also perfectly match your personality.

You can also customize this design by adding colors and fonts as per your choice. before getting tattooed apply a sticker of the same pattern on your body from this you will get an idea of how it will look on you otherwise you can’t remove it easily.

1. Trishul with om tattoo for arms

This art is designed with three elements one is Omkara second one trident and the third one is tilak combination of these three elements makes it look unique and modern.

15+ Awesome Mom & Dad Tattoo

Trishul with om tattoo for arms

2. Modern Om Design for Wrist

This small om design is for both boys and girls they can apply this art on their shoulder, fingers, neck, and wrist.

Modern om design for wrist

3. Bold black Omkara Tattoo for hand

The bold black om tattoo looks very attractive with two small dots on the wrist both boys and girls can try this pattern on their wrist.

Bold black omkara Tattoo for hand

4. X Tattoo With Om

There is a big black x and at the top of it, you can see small om in bold black color which look simple and modern.

X tattoo With Om

5. Red Color X Tattoo with big Omkara

Big red color x with big Omkara on it which looks unique and different from regular tattoo style.

Red Color X tattoo with big Omkara

6. Om & Star Tattoo for Arms

in this art, you see a big om and around it there so many start which gives it a perfect and stunning look. girls can apply this tattoo to their back and chest.

Maa & Paa Tattoo for hand

Om & Star tattoo for arms

7. Modern Arrow tattoo with Om Style

Red arrow design with om on it looks modern and stylish which is totally different from normal design.

Modern Arrow tattoo with om style

8. Glowing Circular Om Design

In this art, you can see there is a glowing circular with om inside it look very simple and perfect on the wrist.

Glowing Circular Om Design

9. Big Omkara art with Trishul

In this art you can see there is a big Omkara with a trident that is simple and perfect looking.

Big om art with trishul

10. Omakara Style With Mahadev

In this design, you can there is a small trident on the top below it is om and after that Mahadev is written.

Trishul Mahadev art

11. Om tattoo Style with a Trident

This tattoo design will best for young girls the can apply this art on their fingers, back, wrist and chest.

Om tattoo style with trident

12. Red and black Trishul and Om tattoo

Red and black color with two different elements om and Trishul look very stunning and modern because of its color and pattern.

Red and black Trishul and Om tattoo

13. Full Trishul Tattoo Style With Om

Boys can try this art on their chest, back, and arms in red and black color which will give them an attractive appearance.

Full trishul tattoo style with om

14. Trishul Tattoo with Omkara

You can see how perfect this art is designed with two elements like trident and Om that looks very stylish and modern.

om tattoo with trishul

15. Omkara Tattoo for Girls Back

This design is for girls’ backs they can also apply this tattoo on their neck and fingers.

Omkara tattoo for girls back

16. Simple Om Art for Girls

Girls also try this bold black om pattern on their back.

Simple om art for girls

17. Simple Omkara style for back

Both men and women can apply this tattoo and they can also customize it by adding font and colors.

Simple omkara style for back

18. Circular Omkara tattoo for men

This tattoo with best for bodybuilder back which will give them an attractive and stunning appearance.

Circular omkara pattern for men

19. Stylish Om Art For The Back

Girls and boys both can try this tattoo on their arms, wrist, and back.

Stylish Om art for back

20. Circle Omkara tattoo for men

There is a big black circle and in the center, there is om in bold black color.

Circle omkara art for men

21. Latest Om Style tattoo for men back

Zick zack circle with Omkara on it which is simple and stylish.

Latest Om Style tattoo for men back

Some Best Tips for You

  1. Clean your body before applying a permanent tattoo.
  2. Always wash your hand before applying the tattoo.
  3. If you have a Skin problem Consult your Doctor.
  4. Always use Gloves to apply ink.
  5. Properly Sanitize the Ink Gun and others equipment.