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Korean dramas, also known as K-dramas, have gained immense popularity worldwide for their captivating storylines, compelling characters, and unique cultural insights. One such drama that has captured the hearts of viewers globally is "Encounter" or "Boyfriend" in Korean. Originally aired in South Korea from November 28, 2018, to January 24, 2019, Encounter is a melodramatic romance that explores the complexities of love and societal expectations. In this blog post, we delve into the availability of Encounter in Hindi dubbed version and address some common questions related to accessing Korean dramas in Hindi.

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Encounter Plot Summary:

Encounter follows the story of Cha Soo-hyun, a divorced woman from a powerful political family, and Kim Jin-hyuk, an ordinary young man with a warm heart. Their paths cross unexpectedly during a trip to Cuba, leading to a fateful encounter that changes their lives forever. Despite their starkly different backgrounds and social statuses, Soo-hyun and Jin-hyuk find themselves drawn to each other, navigating the challenges of their relationship amidst societal pressures and personal dilemmas.

Hindi Dubbed Availability:

For viewers who prefer watching Korean dramas in Hindi dubbed format, the availability of Encounter can vary depending on the platforms and services. While some popular streaming platforms offer a selection of K-dramas dubbed in Hindi, it may take some time for newer dramas like Encounter to be dubbed and made available to the Hindi-speaking audience. However, with the growing demand for Korean content in India, the availability of Hindi dubbed versions is gradually increasing.

People Also Ask:

1. How can I see Korean drama in Hindi-dubbed?

   - Currently, there are several streaming platforms and websites that offer Korean dramas dubbed in Hindi. You can explore these platforms to find the latest Hindi dubbed releases and enjoy your favorite K-dramas in your preferred language.

2. Which app can I watch kdrama in Hindi?

   - There are several apps available for watching Korean dramas in Hindi, including popular streaming platforms like Voot, MX Player, and ZEE5. These platforms often feature a diverse selection of K-dramas with Hindi dubbing options.

3. Which Korean drama is dubbed in Hindi on Hotstar?

   - Hotstar, one of India's leading streaming platforms, occasionally offers Korean dramas dubbed in Hindi. While Encounter may not be available on Hotstar at the moment, you can explore other dramas on the platform with Hindi dubbing options.

4. Which is the best Korean drama on Amazon Prime in Hindi?

   - Amazon Prime Video also caters to the Indian audience's love for Korean dramas, with some titles available in Hindi dubbed versions. While Encounter's availability on Amazon Prime in Hindi may vary, you can explore other popular K-dramas on the platform with Hindi dubbing options.


Encounter is a captivating Korean drama that has garnered praise for its poignant storytelling and heartfelt performances. While the availability of Encounter in Hindi dubbed format may require some patience, viewers can explore various streaming platforms and apps to enjoy K-dramas in their preferred language. As the demand for Korean content continues to grow in India, the accessibility of Hindi dubbed versions is expected to improve, offering viewers a delightful experience of melodramatic romances like Encounter.

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