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Fighter movie details:

Details Information
Title Fighter
Director Siddharth Anand
Story by Ramon Chibb, Siddharth Anand
Screenplay by Ramon Chibb
Dialogues by Hussain Dalal, Abbas Dalal
Producers Mamta Anand, Ajit Andhare, Anku Pande, Ramon Chibb, Kevin Vaz
Starring Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, Anil Kapoor, Karan Singh Grover, Akshay Oberoi, and others
Cinematography Satchith Paulose
Edited by Aarif Sheikh
Music Score: Sanchit Balhara and Ankit Balhara, Songs: Vishal–Shekhar
Production Companies Viacom18 Studios, Marflix Pictures
Distributed by Viacom18 Studios
Release Date January 25, 2024
Running Time 166 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget ₹250 crore
Box Office ₹99.94 crore

Directed by the talented Siddharth Anand, "Fighter" stands as a testament to captivating storytelling and cinematic brilliance. The screenplay, crafted by Ramon Chibb, unfolds a narrative that seamlessly weaves together elements of duty, love, and patriotism within the backdrop of the Indian Air Force. The film's dialogues, skillfully penned by Hussain Dalal and Abbas Dalal, contribute to the depth and authenticity of the characters.

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The production of "Fighter" is a collaborative effort, with Mamta Anand, Ajit Andhare, Anku Pande, Ramon Chibb, and Kevin Vaz at the helm. This powerhouse team has successfully brought the vision of the director to life, resulting in a film that has left an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape.

Fighter movie cast:

The star-studded cast of "Fighter" adds an extra layer of brilliance to the film. Hrithik Roshan takes on the role of Squadron Leader Shamsher "Patty" Pathania, bringing charisma and intensity to the character. Deepika Padukone, as Squadron Leader Minal "Minni" Rathore, delivers a powerful performance, while Anil Kapoor's portrayal of Group Captain Rakesh "Rocky" Jai Singh adds depth to the narrative.

The ensemble cast includes Karan Singh Grover, Akshay Oberoi, and Rishabh Sawhney, each contributing to the film's success. Sanjeeda Sheikh, Ashutosh Rana, and Geeta Agrawal also make notable appearances, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

Fighter movie release and box office:

"Fighter" took flight on January 25, 2024, captivating audiences with its 166-minute runtime. The film, produced by Viacom18 Studios and Marflix Pictures, has soared to success at the box office. With a budget of ₹250 crores, "Fighter" has already grossed ₹99.94 crores, solidifying its position as a commercial hit.

The success of "Fighter" is a testament to the collaboration of creative minds, technical brilliance, and the outstanding performances of the cast. As audiences continue to flock to theaters, the film's box office numbers are poised to climb even higher.

Fighter movie characters and their roles:

The characters in "Fighter" are brought to life by a talented and diverse cast. Alongside the lead trio, Karan Singh Grover shines as Squadron Leader Sartaj "Taj" Gill, while Akshay Oberoi takes on the role of Squadron Leader Basheer "Bash" Khan. Rishabh Sawhney portrays Azhar Akhtar, and Sanjeeda Sheikh plays Saanchi Gill, Taj's wife.

The supporting cast includes Ashutosh Rana as Abhijeet Rathore, Geeta Agrawal as Usha Rathore, and Talat Aziz as Patty's father. The ensemble further features Sharib Hashmi, Sanjeev Jaiswal, Baveen Singh, Mahesh Shetty, Seerat Mast, Nishan Khanduja, Chandan K Anand, Mushtaq Kak, Vinay Varma, Harish Khatri, Ramon Chibb, and Samvedna Suwalka, each adding depth to the cinematic tapestry.

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"Fighter" is not just a movie; it's an experience that combines stellar performances, gripping storytelling, and technical brilliance. As audiences eagerly await the film's digital release, these details provide a comprehensive overview for enthusiasts seeking to engage with "Fighter" in various ways, whether through legal online platforms or by exploring the diverse characters that make this cinematic journey truly unforgettable.

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