ओए इन्दोरी पर लगा रैप केस Oye Indori Rap Case News

Oye Indori is a big YouTuber who makes comedy videos. He is a big influencer on social media. He has a lot of followers on social media which are as follows.

ओये इन्दोरी पर लगा रैप केस

78 lakhs on Youtube

74 lakh on Instagram

4 lakhs on facebook

Oye Indori alias Robin Jindal, who is a social media influencer, according to recent news, a divorced girl living with Oye Indori has filed a rape case. It had happened earlier also that a girl had filed a rape case but then There was an understanding between me and Robin Jindal had promised to reconcile with him but now nothing much has come out, the news is that a rape case has been filed against Oye Indori.

Now it remains to be seen what is going to happen next, will this case also be resolved through mutual understanding like the previous case or will it be something else?

What do you guys have to say about whether this allegation is true or is there a conspiracy? Please tell us by commenting.

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