16+ Attractive Trishul Tattoo Design Ideas 2021

Trishul tattoo is becoming very popular because some celebrities have applied this tattoo on their arms so that their fans are now also applying Trident tattoo on their arms, neck, chest, and hand which give them a glamourous and stunning look among their friends. we have listed some of the best Trishul tattoos for the wrist, arms, and shoulder which are catchy and perfect.

You can also apply stickers of the same pattern instead of a tattoo because you can remove it when you want and it is also very cheaper than a tattoo which will cost you up to $1000 in India and other countries. you can also follow us on Facebook for test designs and updates.

1. Trishul Design with Sneak on Wrist

In this pattern, there is a small Trishul with a circular sneak you can apply this art on your neck, arms and wrist.

Trishul Design with ring on wrist

2. Trishul tattoo with Mahakal design

The design is modern and catchy boy can try this art on their back and arms they can also add some font.

15+ Band tattoo For Forearms

Trishul tattoo with mahakal design

3. Om Tattoo with Trishul

Om tattoo with Trishul style designed with two-element one is om and the second one is Trishul both are combined together to give modern and perfect look.

om tattoo with trishul

4. Full Trishul tattoo style with Om

you can see here is a Trishul with om in the bold black color you can also change the color of this design and also add fonts.

Peacock Feather Tattoo For hand

Full trishul tattoo style with om

5. Small trident tattoo for wrist

Small trident tattoo for wrist

6. Trident Tattoo in black for hand

Modern black color trident with Damru for hand.

Trident Tattoo in black for hand

7. Dark black Trident art for the wrist

Perfect and Modern dark black Trishul with Damru.

Dark black Trident art for wrist

8. Red and black Trishul and Om tattoo

In this art, you can see there is two-element one is Trishul and the other one is om in red and black color which looks so simple and stunning.

12+ Feather Tattoo Design on hand

Red and black Trishul and Om tattoo

9. Trishul Pattern Maa Paa Tattoo

On the top, there is a Trishul and below it very creatively maa and paa is written in bold black color.

Trishul pattern maa paa tattoo

10. Om tattoo style with the Trident

This tattoo design is for both girls and boys they can apply this art on their chest, shoulder, and where they want this art is perfect for any part of the body.

Om tattoo style with trident

11. Mahakal Tattoo with a Trishul

I think you have never seen such a design with three meanings you can see below there is Trishul, Mahadev, and text which have a different meaning.

Mahakal tattoo with a trishul

12. Trishul Mahadev Art

This art is really creative you can see three elements are used in this design like Trishul, om, and Mahadev that is perfectly designed for young boys.

Trishul Mahadev art

13. Bold Black Trident Ink on The Wrist

Perfect looking bold black trident for wrist you can also customize this by adding elements and fonts.

Bold black trident ink on wrist

14. Mahakal tattoo with a trident on arms

This design is so creative and modern because in this pattern classic elements are used to design this in modern looks like a sneak, eye, and Trishul.

Mahakal tattoo with trident on arms

15. Big om art with Trishul

Big bold black om tattoo with Trishul on the top which is simple and attractive you can try this art on your arms.

Big om art with trishul

16. Trident tattoo in an X shape

Two tridents in shape on the back look very simple and perfect you can also apply this design to your chest.

Trident tattoo in X shape

All these trident images are the Trishul tattoo images on the internet you can find which are only available on our website.

Tips to Apply a Perfect Tattoo

  1. Clean your body before applying ink.
  2. Always wash your hand.
  3. To confirm the design first apply a sticker then you will get the idea of how it will look on you.
  4. If you have a Skin problem Consult your Doctor.
  5. Use Medical Grade Gloves.
  6. Sanitize the Ink Gun.
  7. Never use low-quality ink.

Trishul Tattoo FAQs

What is the Meaning of the Trident tattoo?

This trident tattoo represents power, strength, and struggles to survive in this world.

How Much Trishul Tattoo Cost?

It depends on the size, color, and pattern you chose. in the USA it starts from $100-$1250.